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KNOT phone pouch L

Grab your mobile phone easy than ever with “KNOT phone pouch L”, a stylish crossbody bag designed by labrador own technic. Hidden Magnetic closure works securely by engineering-grade Neodymium magnet.

All around features of “KNOT phone pouch L” organize full-sized smart phone (for example : iPhone Max,…,and many more) , banknotes, coins and cards, fit for your everyday move.

“Monkey's Fist Knot”, a ball shaped knot which very strong, is designed to reduce unnecessary metal parts. High quality genuine leather from Global brand leather manufacturer is made KNOT phone pouch L last long even more.

Size:W 20.7 H 13 D 1 cm

Strap Length: 58 cm

Leather’s care tips
• When your leather product gets wet, clean it with a dry cloth and place it in an open shade area.
• Remove a small scratch by finger rubbing while a dark stain is by the leather cleaner. Please do not rub too hard.
• Use soft and dry cloth for leather’s daily care. Preventing the leather from getting dry and crack by adding leather cream and leather wax for moisture.
• Alcoholic solvents such as thinner and gasoline are not recommended.
• Dust it off frequently and keep in well air-circulated storage to let the leather breathe.

Brand Description
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