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Welcome to labrador

All our products are handmade and have a bold and unique character of the design. We have established our products worldwideand have received excellent feedback from our customers especially for our products’ minimalism, durability, and lifelong attractiveness.

Labrador products are elaborately craft-made, under the concept ‘Truth to materials’.
The premium quality of the leather reflects on the product’s durability and beautifully aged.

RElabrador uses recycled leathers that would otherwise turn into waste by retransforming to
an extraordinary product collection.

Labrador paper is our eco-friendly stationery product that uses eye-friendly archival green-read paper.
Designed with minimalism and functionality plus lively colors to spark your creativity.

Z series is handmade creative design products which material made from managed forests' wood pulp (FSC certified, Forestry Stewardship Council),
'cellulose fiber' is bio-degradable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and lightweight.

GOGO is our brightly coloured, paper-like product, made from sustainable material known as Tyvek.
Its quality includes lightweight, abrasion and water resistance and is also 100% recyclable.