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our story

Labrador’s story begins... 

Labrador believes in free and independent thinking without limitations. The young and energetic minds of our creative designers enable us to create attractive products with simplicity and minimalist design concepts. Above all, we make our products with affectionate so that our customers have a deep connection with the products.

All our products are handmade and have a bold and unique character of the design. This product design concept has been popularly soaring in international markets. We have established our products worldwide and have received excellent feedback from our customers especially for our products’ minimalism, durability, and lifelong attractiveness.

Environmental products?  

Nowadays the world is persuaded by cheap and low-quality product. By intentional or not, these poorly made, easily damage, low-quality products, and materials are ruining the world. Even worst, the cost of recycling is usually higher than the cost of production. Still, is it worth buying the product that harms our world? If everyone knows this environmental concern, we can help the world, not solely by lowering manufacturing cost, but by increasing longevity and decrease manufacturing waste instead.

We believes in using the high quality of raw materials to make our significant products; not only ensure the high durability of our product range but also make sure that the waste is easily recyclable. Like our products, we love our environment and ensure that all our products are eco-friendly; as well as waste is minimized. It is our commitment to make our world a better place.


Eco, life, design, product, our work…

Our designs and products are meant to serve you forever. Unlike fashion products, our design concept of minimalism and high quality. This improves the natural touch and feel of the product and enhances its life. The low waste design process minimizes natural resource consumption and maximizes natural beauty of leather.

Our factory is also designed on the principles of eco friendliness. It has a unique natural light usage design, a water treatment system, a natural ventilation system and low heat transmissibility. This ensures that our people have a comfortable space to work. Absolutely the recycle process is applied as well.