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Z BOX 5x15

Z Box is a simple and functional multi box inspires by geometric patterns and origami technical. There are 4 different sizes for organizing stationery items, accessories travel items, or whatever else you have to take away. Each box is folded from a single sheet that is embedded with magnets. So you can easily to use them. Use them as trays, utility case/ pens / eyeglasses / pencils / accessories containers.

SIZE : W5 H5 D15 CM


The material of Z product is made from wood pulp 'cellulose fiber'. Here are care tips:
• When your product gets wet, clean it with a dry cloth, and place it in an open shade area.
• For spilled coffee, immediately clean it with a damp cloth, and place it in an open shade area. Do not leave it for too long or it may leave some stains.
• For pencil lead stains, gently erase with an eraser, avoid rubbing too hard as to not leave any smudges.
• Ink or pen stains are unremovable.