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handy book S

Handybook is a stylish sketchbook. It can collect everything you imagine. The leather strap on the spine is for your hand hold it comfortably. It contains 160 sheets of excellent paper. The paper is made for purpose of comfortably sketching. The handybook cover can be reused and refilled by the nudebook.

SIZE : W16.5 H16.5 D3 CM


Leather’s care tips
• When your leather product gets wet, clean it with a dry cloth and place it in an open shade area.
• Remove a small scratch by finger rubbing while a dark stain is by the leather cleaner. Please do not rub too hard.
• Use soft and dry cloth for leather’s daily care. Preventing the leather from getting dry and crack by adding leather cream and leather wax for moisture.
• Alcoholic solvents such as thinner and gasoline are not recommended.
• Dust it off frequently and keep in well air-circulated storage to let the leather breathe.